Personally I'm dedicated documentary and travel photographer. Always in a rush to catch those magical moments in everyday life. Having a background as a graphic designer makes me keep strong attention to colour and composition in my photos.

As a commercial photographer I'm focused on lifestyle, portrait and interior photography. Ready for a broad spectrum of editorial shooting. 
I am based in Poland (Poznań), working worldwide.
Feel free to contact me.
- EyeEm Awards 2018 - Travel Photography Finalist
- Leica Street Photo 2014 - laureate
- Poznań Ludzie Miasto, Poznań 2019
- Berlin Photo Week - EyeEm Awards Finalist's Exhibition, Berlin 2018
- Fotspot Egzotyka, Poznań 2017
- Och! Pener Festival, Poznań 2016
- Transformacja Start, Poznań 2015
- Leica Street Photo - Finalist's Exhibition, Warsaw 2014
- Moja Wielkopolska, Poznań 2014
- Self Exhibition, Malbork 2014

- EyeEm Magazine vol VIII
- Reformatorisch Dagblad

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